Saturday, January 29, 2011

Allergic... I think not!

Some might be wondering the status of the boys due to the asthma/allergies...

Well, I took Matthew to the specialist yesterday morning at the butt crack of dawn... UGH!
Why do they make us come at 7am?!

Anyways, they gave Matthew the allergy test and he is not allergic to anything.... Thank God!
I seriously thought is was going to be the dogs or the carpet in his room....  I think we will still replace the carpet, but it makes me feel so much better.  I thought I was going to have to totally change my life up!!  Whew!

The outcome is... His lungs are sensitive whenever he gets a virus/cold.  So, since we don't know when he will get sick, we are going to prevent the wheezing from happening, by doing a breathing treatment every day.  I'm not complaining since this is all it was and all I have to do...
The doc also said that most children grow out of this by the time they go to kindergarten!

So, go figure the boys go to MDO for two days and bring home some nasty cold...
Who's suffering?!

Made an emergency appointment at the doc's yesterday...
2 shots,
Musinex (sp?),
Cough syrup!

Now we are in business!
Bo,y do those shots kick butt!

I was feeling better by last night!

So, my painting projects (painting Lleyton's room) has been put on hold until I'm 100%

I will post pictures when we are all done!

Here's a little sneak peak...
Matthew's room in boats
Lleyton hasn't decided yet.... I'm thinking planes/ choochoo's!

Another thing.....
Valentines Day is coming up and if anyone is interested in some sparkle in their lives... Make sure to give me a jingle or email me @

Stella & Dot has some amazing things for Spring....!
Just love it ALLLLLLL!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bye Bye Paci!

It is official!
We have turned all our paci's over to the Paci Fairy this morning!
Kissed each and every one good bye...
Matthew was a little sad at first and Lleyton didn't seem to mind a bit!

We will see how nap time and bedtime go...
I was reading last night to give them it at bed time, but I feel like that is just prolonging the inevitable!
So, we are going cold turkey!!

I may need ear plugs and a bottle of aspirin before this day/week is over!
At least I won't have to pick up a paci, wash a paci or remember to pack paci's when we leave!!!

Yipee... one less thing to remember and on less thing off the list!!!

My babies are growing up...;(

Friday, January 21, 2011

We Are BACK!

I know you all have missed us sooo much!
Some of you know we took a little vacation to Fort Lauderdale to visit Grandma Barbara, Great grandma, Auntie Whitney, Uncle Rhett, Great Auntie Trish, etc.  The boys and I caravan down with 3 of my friends here from Memphis.  What a time we had driving there...  I can't count how many times we all said,

Oh, did I fail to mention we were traveling with 7 kids, all under the age of 4! LOL!

We all arrived and were greeted with such excitement!
The boys enjoyed every minute! 
Here are some pictures!

After 18 hours we finally arrived home on Wednesday.  I have been working to get my life back in order, and we are almost there!

I have planned the boys birthday party...
Which will be February 12th...  We are having a clown, cake (of course!), dozens of balloons and some of our closest friends here in Memphis, to celebrate in there special day!

Also, I have planned a Stella & Dot Trunk Show to get my business started! 
I know Mark has been wondering if I'm ever going to get this going or if I'm just going to purchase jewels. after jewels, after jewels!!

Don't worry Mark I have it all under control!
I am having my first ever trunk show viewing on February 17th 6-9pm!
Check out my evite!
I'm so excited!!

Not much else is new...
Boys are doing great...!  Talking more and more each day and putting sentences together which is really crazy to hear.  I must say, it is nice that they can communicate and tell you what they want!  But on the other hand... Matthew is a TALKER!!!!  If I had a dollar for every time he said, MOMMY (pointing things out, telling me something, or showing me something)! 

I would be a millionaire!!

I know... One day I will miss it....

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ending up 2010 New beginnings 2011!

Monkey is off shopping!  Takes after his mom!

If you have been reading up on my past blogs I have become addicted to home decorating blogs...
If Christmas wasn't enough, of course I had to throw in a home decorating project!  Why not keep it exciting!  So here is a photo of my kitchen before.... (one thing that you won't see it the black color underneath the chair railing... I had to do away with that asap!) 
Yes, I painted all the cabinets, woodwork and doors (in the entire house!), and now I have added the back splash... I absolutely love!!!  Thanks for the help! (you know who you are!)




Lleyton helping me cook for our New Year's Eve Party!

I asked Billy to take some pictures of the boys... When uploading the photos this morning I found these...!  Why were they standing on the coffee table?!

All dressed up for New Years!
And this is how the party ended... Naked Cowboys!

Nothing sexier than a naked cowboy!!  woohoo!