Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Exciting News!

Yes, I have exciting news...  First I must explain...

Those of you who have been to my house in the last 2 months have had the pleasure of experiencing my lovely family room area rug.  After Mark and I had the hard wood floors put in we went to Pottery Barn outlet and found and awesome rug.  Well, what we/I thought would be awesome.  But, for the last two months I have been vacuuming every second I get.  You would not believe the fur balls it leaves behind when walked on.  Yes, I know I have 100lb St. Bernard, but I had already removed the rug ounce and had to bring it back due to the boys toys falling off the coffee table.  This is how I knew it wasn't my sweet Bernice!  I had hit my limit with this dumb rug over Thanksgiving when a dear friend of mines daughter was bringing me over giant cups of fur balls and saying happy Thanksgiving and all of my guest were walking around with fur hanging from there bums! 

I'm typically not one to call and complain, unless it is something that I just can't take anymore.  So, I called Pottery Barn today and to make a long phone conversation short.  We are going to be refunded (with store credit) the entire amount of the rug!!!  Yipee!!!  I can't wait to go in on Thursday and get this refund.  I told the manager, that I just couldn't believe that they sold something like this.  He said a wool rug will take about 2 months to stop shedding.  I told him he was crazy, there was no end in sight to the shedding! 

On another note, boys went to school today and you would have thought they were going to the zoo or something.  They were so excited to be there they went running in and didn't look back.  I guess after a full week of being at home and with me, they had just about had enough....  I guess the feeling was a little mutual!  Love you guys!   

After dropping the boys off at school I headed to target to purchase a small gift for a little girl and her family, out mom's group is taking care of for the holiday season.  While there I realized I was going to purchase Christmas gifts for the boys from Mom, Dad, Mark and I.  I got everything except one item.  I guess I will have to hunt for it somewhere else.  So relieved that shopping for them is complete and just a few more little things for others.  After Target I came home and started cleaning, removing the rug and all the fuzz throughout my house and made my phone call to PB. 

The weather is freezing today.  I was so looking forward to tonight.  The downtown square in Collierville puts on a tree lighting with Santa.  We were planning on going, but since the weather took a drastic change I have decided that we should stay home and keep warm.  Lleyton has been having issues today with the asthma and coughing.  Not a good idea to be out in the cold...  So I have lit up our tree, lit some candles and turned on the fire place.  To feel a little festive!  I believe the movie The Grinch is on tonight.  I will have to tape so the boys can see since it is after their bedtime. 

Keeping warm and enjoying some time with my monkeys...

Never a dual moment... just as I finished typing that last sentence, Crash, Boom, Bang... run into the kitchen an Lleyton broke my awesome giant white platter....ugh...! 
Not to mention... 2 ornaments broken...

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Down....

Well, I can truely say I am pooped from all the festivities.  We had a wonderful and crazy time!  All the family arrived on time and it was so nice spending time with everyone before and after the big day...  I have come to the realization the my house is not ment for a dinner of 25, but we definitely made it work.  I truely love hosting parties and having friends over but Mark is gonna have to buy me a much bigger house if I plan on doing this again!  LOL! 

Here are some pictures of our Thanksgiving happenings.  What a time we had!  The boys loved their new car purchased by Uncle Bully.  Who I think is trying to find the best way to get me to work out...!  At least the car comes with two different speeds.  The boys don't know how to steer, so you have to run next to the car and frequently steer for them!  I'm sure you can guess who the leader/driver is and who the passenger is?!  The pictures show!  We had a hard time sharing the drivers seat! 

Before Uncle Bully left I made sure to have him carry all the fall decorations up to the attic and get down my sewing machine and christmas decorations.  We also went on Saturday to Cedar Hill Farm in Hernando, MS to cut down our first real Christmas tree!  I think I was more excited than anyone...!  I had in mind a 5 1/2 or 6 ft tree.  Well, Bully talked me in to something else.... 91/2ft  is what I have....  I guess go big or go home is going to be my motto for this holiday season!  LOL!  We were like the Griswalds bringing it home and into the house.  I put the stand up and told him to carefully carry it in.  Which he did, by my surprise!  As we went to stand it up, wait, there was no way it was even going to stand up...  We both died laughing!  So, thank God my dinning room has a high ceiling!  We gracefully, (ya right) moved it in there and height wise it fits but I don't know if I would say by circumfrance...!  Again, I think Mark is gonna have to buy me a bigger house!  JK...!  I love my cozy house...I couldn't imagine being anywhere else...  Much cozier now with my big fluffy dog and my giant fluffy Christmas tree!  Love it!!

So, most of the decorations are put up, minus some bows and outside decorations.  But I have time for that now that the boys will be back in school... whew!  Time to get back in the swing of things.

Today was a relaxing day...  We hung around the house and played, took a walk and of course road in our delux Cadillac (the boys did, I just ran next to it).  Does this mean now that I can shorten work outs if I have them ride in their car that day?!  That is a great thought!!!  LOL!  Read some books Mark sent with the boys.  I can't believe that they loved The Cat In The Hat booThinking about having a glass of wine and enjoying some silence... pray the dogs won't go into a barking spurt... and possibly catch up on some of my blog reading that I have missed out on...  I'm addicted! 

Hugs and Kisses...  We love you Mark/Daddy
posting pic tomorrow....

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekend down...

Well, Sunday evening and I'm sitting here watching the AMA and reading decorating blogs.  I have found my new addiction.  I am so amazed at all the great things that are out there.  Oh and the great thrifty ideas I'm getting!  Fun, fun!

Boys are in bed, sound asleep!  It has been an uneventful weekend.  Sometimes, those are just the best.  I'm really working on getting the boys back on schedule.  They have been so off with all the company we have been having.  I guess I shouldn't keep my fingers crossed since we will be having more company this week for Thanksgiving.  Billy arrives in town tomorrow at midnight... Thanks for booking such a timely flight... I can't thank you enough!  Aunt Mary Partrice, Uncle Punkin and girls arrive Tuesday evening and Dad and Timmy arrive Wednesday morning.  We will be having around 22 people for Thanksgiving...!  Hopefully, everything goes without a hitch! 

Boys are doing well.  I actually took them out to dinner tonight... Yes, all by myself!  It was quite something.  It was taking forever for our food to come out and I was beginning to sweat when the boys started to get antsy...  Ounce the food arrived they were actually good.  But when they are done, they are done.  So, as usually I had to scarf down all my food!  When we got home we played out front and they road their bikes up and down the sidewalk.  It was nice to be out and get some fresh air.  Oh, did I mention the temp was 70 degrees today.  I think this is going to be one of our last days of warmth.  This week it is suppose to be getting down in the 40s.  Happy about a little bit of cold.  I so dislike when the holidays come around and it is warm outside.  Just doesn't feel right. 

Well I think I'm going to read a couple more blogs, enjoy the music awards and go to bed.  Tomorrow planning on doing some/lots of yard work.  But, we will see how that goes!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Ugh...Thanks God It's Friday...!

I so dislike that quote...  Friday could be Monday to me...  I work 7 days a week 24 hours a day for free!!!  But the one greatest thing is I get to enjoy spending time with these crazy monkeys!  Love them to death even though they may put me in a padded cell one day!  LOL! 

Yesterday, was the boys Thanksgiving feast at school.  I volunteered to serve all 10 of them their lunch... They were all too cute!  Ran many errands trying to pack everything into one day since the boys will be out of school all next week.  Thank God, Uncle Bully will be here to help out!  I have many projects planned for him before Thanksgiving!!  At 2pm we arrived to pick the boys up for school and were in for such a surprise... They  had their Chief Indian/Native American head dress on that they made that day!  It was so cute.  Here are a couple photos I took from my phone.  I have placed these hats in a safe place so they can wear them on Thanksgiving.  They were so proud as they exited school! 

Mrs. Janet always stops for a second and gives you a little report of how the boys day went.  She started tearing up and I, didn't know what she was going to tell me.  She said at nap time when Lleyton went to pull his lovey out of his book bag she had to take a minute.  I then knew exactly what she was talking about.  Mark sent the boys dog tags that read, "With Love, From Dad, U.S. Army, Kuwait, 2010".  Lleyton loves to wear necklaces and as you can imagine, this is his favorite!  I was letting him wear it for a little while, but is makes me nervous to have something around his neck.  So, we agreed that it would be best to wrap it around his lovey, that way when ever he feels sad or tired he can have something from daddy on his lovey.  As Mrs Janet is crying in the carpool line I started to tear up... We miss our daddy so very much!

As they got in the car Nana gave them some more Thomas the trains to go along with their train collection!  They were so excited!  We got home and had to open everyone.  It was the highlight of their evening connecting all the trains and rolling them all over the coffee table...  And Lleyton is the head conductor of the trains... Poor Matthew has to follow everything he says.  Lleyton gets so frustrated with Matthew if he is not rolling them around the table fast enough and will decide to just throw all of Matthews trains off the table.  So, you can imagine the fights that we had to break up! 

As I went in and woke them up this morning they were both already talking about their choo choo's.  I changed their diapers and Lleyton marched right over to the train case and got each one out.  I'm starting to think he was in a hurry to make sure Matthew didn't get any... oh my Mr. Stingy!  It is a minute by minute battle with him to get him to share...!

Well, much cleaning to do today to prepare for Thanksgiving.  At least my table is set and ready to go! 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


It's always a little crazy around here when the boys are under the weather.  Matthew is suffering from a runny nose, cough, and fever while Lleyton has a cough and runny nose.  We went to the doctor yesterday to find out Matthew is just suffering from a virus which he will have to work out and Lleyton has an ear infection.  Not to mention, when they get a cold it effects their asthma, in the worst way.  So, breathing treatments twice a day until we beat this cold! 

After the doctors yesterday we had to run some arons... Getting Christmas gifts for daddy!  We had to mail his 4 boxes asap so they arrived in time!  One of the things we had to do was go to PetsMart to get some things for Bernice.  Forget spending the money to take the boys to the zoo... They had so much fun!  I think they almost pooped their pants when they saw the walls of fish tanks....!  Loved the birds, rats, gerbils, cats, and the dogs, at doggie preschool!  As you can imagine, going to pick up one thing turned into an hour at PetsMart!  Mom called wondering where in the hell we were!  Trying to leave was an absolute nightmare.  Lleyton kicking and screaming on the floor because he wanted to stay and stare at the fish.  Matthew was right behind him.  So, I bought 2 gold fish and a filtered tank!  Now we are up to 5 pets!  Our family just keeps growing!  LOL!

As we were leaving I asked Matthew what he was planning on naming his fish... he said, "Yayton!"  Once we got home we ate lunch and they had their fish, in the bags, right in front of them while they ate...  I told them that they had to take a nap and I would have everything ready when they woke up, just in time for the fish to eat!  Well, as you can imagine nap time went over horribly!  Matthew did sleep because he was not feeling too well, but Lleyton, NO WAY! 

Mom could not believe what was going on in their room while they were suppose to be laying down and going to sleep!  I said, "go take a look, this is what occasionally happens!"  As she opened the door I think she almost died to see the destruction!"  They had turned upside down their table and chairs, pulled 2 of the drawers out of  their dresser and had thrown everything around the room... And where were they you ask?  Hiding in their curtains!!  Oh boys!

After Matthew fell asleep Lleyotn and I ran out to get his medication for his ear and noticed there was a package from daddy at the door!  We couldn't wait to get home and open, but we had to wait for Matthew. 
Ounce the boys ate dinner and had a tubby, we opened the package and found two books and dvd's to go along with them.  Mark had recorded himself reading these books and just talking to the boys.  I have a video of their reactions when they saw Mark on the tv screen.  They could have cared less about what he was saying they just kept yelling daddy, daddy!  I think ounce we start playing them over and over they will sit and listen!  They had such joy in their eyes, it almost brings you to tears... They love their daddy, that is for sure! 

Well, ugh... today is a school day and they couldn't have been more excited to go!  I have things to get done here that have been put on hold and looking forward to getting back in order and ready for our big Thanksgiving celebration! 

Oh yes... and I can't forget to included the morning rendition of 'Ring Around the Rosie'!!!

UGGGGHHHH... it is taking forever to post these videos... will post later!

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Things have  been going well.  Just really busy with the boys, as you can imagine!  Mom came in town yesterday afternoon.  I thought I would share something funny...
Before we were leaving yesterday for the airport, I was packing things up, putting dogs away in kennels, etc.  At the same time yelling, "Matthew, Lleyton, please come in here so I can put your clothes on to go bye, bye..."  I knew that they were in the guest room but for a while it had been a little too quite for comfort...  So, I thought I would take my camera and snap some photos, knowing they were doing something they weren't suppose too...  Here is what I found!  Love it!  Made me bust out laughing....;)

Again, I apologize for the horrible focus on this camera... I just need the time to figure things out....
Hint... hint... I would just love one of those professional cameras!!!  Maybe Santa will bring me one, one day!

I just thought of another cute story...
While taking a shower yesterday, I asked Matthew if he would please throw away two empty shampoo bottles for me.  Both of the boys are always so excited to help out.... ( I always have to leave the shower door open, because I must keep eyes on them at all times!)  Of course, I thought for sure Matthew had thrown them away.  So, last night before going to bed I lifted up the lid on the toilet and to my surprise... All the shampoo bottles were loaded in the toilet!  I guess this is what Matthew considers the trash... in the bathroom!  Oh my boys!!!

After picking up mom we headed off to CostCo for some juice, snacks etc.  Of course the boys had to stop down the toy truck isle...  Well, we purchased a box of 8 Monster HotWheels trucks... They absolutely love them.  Lleyton has tried to steal and hide each and everyone, so Matthew gets none.  When we first got home, Lleyton went and piled all four of his trucks on the couch and went over to play with Matthews.  You can imagine the fight we had.  Lleyton wouldn't even let you look at his trucks...   So, we are working on Mr. Stingy! 

Well, must get going... Clean up house, do some laundry, grocery and working on my loves Christimas box to ship out on Monday/Tuesday! 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Our trip to the Botanical Gardens... My Big Backyard!

I am cleaning out some of the pictures from the camera and forgot that these photos haven't been uploaded yet.  Billy came to visit for 10 looooonnnnggg days (jk!).  We took the boys to the Botanical Gardens, My Big Backyard.  They absolutely loved it!  Unfortunately, my camera ran out of batteries when we were feeding the Koi fish in the Japanese Garden...  Also, I have a new camera... If you couldn't tell.  Mark took the older one with him.  I am still trying to figure some things out, hence the view on some of the photos.

I'm also posting pictures from trick or treating.  I believe I have a video, if so, I will be sure to post.  The boys enjoyed every minute of it.  We started off taking them in the wagon and Lleyton decided he was going to walk the entire block!  What a determined little man...  Matthew on the other hand road in style!  Would get out at every house and eat a piece of candy, preferably a candy bar, on his way to the next.  He would walk up to the house with chocolate all over his face, basket in his left and candy bar in his right... I'm sure you can imagine the laughs we got at each house!  Oh well, it only happens ounce every year!

Boys and I actually slept in this morning.  Was woken up by a call from Mark!  A wonderful way to get up in the morning!  Since the time change the boys have had a difficult time getting back on schedule, but I think we are finally there!  Yippee!  Mark, seems to be doing well and is anxious to get to his final destination!  Well, must get going the monkeys are getting rambunctious!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

School Report!

Matthew: Had a super day.  He loved chasing Claire and running outside.  Matthew also enjoyed marble art.  He also tried talking with Claire and was so cute!

Lleyton:  Had a great day.  He enjoyed using marble art to paint with.  Lleyton is really talking and using his words to communicate!

Why Start A Blog?

Well, I have decided to start a blog of our happenings!  With Mark being away now for almost a month I have found how difficult it is to speak on the phone with him in the morning.  He is on an 8 hour time difference so when he is getting ready to unwind for the day we are just getting our day started!  And it is one of the craziest times.  So, with this he and all of you, can check in whenever and see videos, pictures and read all about the monkeys happenings!  Just incase there was something I forgot from the day before!!  We love him terribly and miss him like crazy and I just want him to be a part of our everyday even though he is far away.

Well today is Tuesday and the monkeys are always excited to go to school.  I think come Tuesday they have had enough of me!  It's obvious when they run through the door and don't even look back to say bye...  Oh well, it does touch you to know that they are enjoying every minute.  Mrs. Janet Taylor is their head teacher and is just amazing!  The monkeys absolutely love her.  I don't know what will happen next year when she isn't their teacher anymore...  We get weekly reports from her on how well the boys are doing.  I will be sure to post their report cards for the week.  Mrs. Janet swares Lleyton is going to be the next Piccasso.  I guess he takes after his mom... I wouldn't say I am Piccasso or even an artist, but I do love art!  She also says what an athlete!  Matthew is the class clown, care giver and just the guy next door!  She is so right about both...  It is still crazy to me how different they both are.  They are talking more and more everyday.  Our latest words are; Bird, Choo Choo (train), Horse, Balloon, Baby, Airplane, Car, Truck and of course the dogs names! 

I will post later how the boys day went!
We love bathing in the sink!

We loved carving our pumpking and throwing the guts at mom!