Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy Holidays....


We are kicking off the holidays with the making of our Gingerbread houses! 

Yesterday was a yucky day...  So, I decided to make gingerbread houses with the boys last night! 

Who says twins are the same.... You will see from the pictures that they definitely are NOT!  We had some good laughs last night...  Lleyton is very precise as where to place his candy.  Matthew was serious as well, but he has more of a messy artistic style!  LOL! 


This would be Lleyton's!

This would be Matthew's!  Hee Hee!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Masterbath Remodel...

We have finally, FINALLY completed the master bath! 

It has only taken us a couple of months...ugh!

We are pretty proud of our work, I thought I would give a little preview of what we have been up to!!

I'm sure you are wondering if that is carpet in my bathroom... YES!  Is that not gross or what?!  I couldn't wait to get rid of it... Who puts carpet in a bathroom??? 
Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of what the cabinets looked like before, but they were just the natural oak and I stained them a dark espresso!  LOVE!

Getting ready for the tile man!  We debated on whether or not to take on the floor ourselves, but chickened out!  Thank goodness...  Our tile man, JOE, did an amazing job!

Ahhhh!  I couldn't be happier!!!

Yipee!  All done!!

I hope you enjoyed checking out our latest project! 
We are trying to finish up around here before this baby arrives...
Just a couple more jobs!  I will post them as well!


Saturday, November 5, 2011

I'm BACK!!!

Well, it definitely has been awhile since my last post... 

Lots and Lots and Lots have happened since my last June post... I'm going to try and put everything in one post... keep your fingers crossed!

As everyone knows, Mark returned from AFG, and we couldn't have been more excited and blessed he is back living the crazy with us.  We left for a week after his return and headed to Destin, FL.  We had a blast and I think we could have stayed for two more weeks!  The boys absolutely love the beach and swimming! 

I made a couple trips back to STL but for the most part we spent the rest of the summer starting and finishing projects around the house. 

Oh ya... Did I mention I'm EXPECTING!!!

Crazy how things happen...  So, that is why from July and August I wasn't feeling too hot and really couldn't go anywhere... yuck!  Our due date is April 3rd...!  So, the boys will be 3years and 2months apart... OH BOY!    Of course we found out the sex... I just couldn't wait...  it's another BOY!!!  If my house isn't crazy now I can only imagine how nuts it will be ... All you can do is laugh!!!  Now, I finally have my energy back and haven't been getting sick which has been so helpful.  I am getting things done around here!!  Thank goodness...!!

We just got back from an awesome visit with our best friends in Norfolk, VA.... We had an amazing time and I just can't believe how big their girls are getting...oh my goodness!  I have the most beautiful God Daughter...  Thank goodness I have a God Daughter, she's the only one I will get to spoil with lots and lots of girlie pink!!!  hee hee!  Thanks Mike and Christine for such an amazing week, I miss you guys terribly!

We returned back home to Trick-or-Treat like rock stars and celebrated my 30th Birthday.  Holy Cow, I can't believe I'm 30...  I had an amazing birthday, it is so much fun to share in all the Halloween fun with the boys.  I just couldn't of asked for a better day!

Now all the Halloween decorations are down and we are looking forward to Thanksgiving...  But I'm just dying to decorate for Christmas!  Not to mention we are patiently waiting for our elf on the shelf to come...  Oh wait until the boys set there eyes and mind around this!!  hee hee!  Fun fun!

Well, I didn't go into too much detail, but I think you kind of get what has been going on here the last couple of months... I will keep the posts coming!
I hope you enjoyed the pictures!

(I have tried for two days now to download some more pictures... no luck...!  I don't know what is taking so long... UGH!)


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Transportation Museum...Chooo Chooo!

Well, while in St. Louis NaNa came to visit and took the boys to Transportation Museum.  As you can imagine they loved every second of it and I am sure if they could they would have wanted to bring the Choo Choo's home with them!

On another note, I finally got Lleyton to get a hair cut!  No more hippie wig!  Thank God!
People were starting to ask what "HER" name was...
How embarrassing!!


I had to add this pic...  It makes me laugh!
My Lleyton is always checking out the ladies!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

All Back Together Again!

Yes, it is true....

We are all back together again!!!

Mark arrived home on Tuesday evening and we could not have been more excited!! 

It was the sweetest moment...

Lleyton saw him and went racing right through security.  There were 3 TSA agents standing there and they raced over to stop him... REALLY...!  It was still a great moment!  We love our daddy... He is a big HERO in our eyes!

Welcome home daddy!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Living Every Day Like Its Your Last!!

I had to share this...
This was a post from one of the blogs I read.  
If there is one thing I have taken from this experience with my Uncle, is live every moment to the fullest, tell those you love how much you love them, don't sweat the small things, because you never know when your last day will be...

I see being a Mom like anything else. The more you practice it, the better you get at it. Just like riding a bike, or playing an instrument. I think my kids would agree if you asked them. I am not the same person I was 10 or 12 years ago. God has done a lot in me during that time. He has used my kids often to refine and mold me. I am a better person and a better Mother because of them.

I have been told numerous times that I must have loads of patience. Patience is something that is learned. It is not something we are born with. It is not something we can one day just wake up with. In fact, I a firm believer that the more you are tested, the more patience you acquire. I have seen this in my own life. I am much more patient now than I was a decade ago. It has taken time to get where I am. I did not just wake up one day oozing with patience. Does this mean that I never lose my cool? Absolutely not. I am human, not a superwoman. However, I do feel that patience is something I had to learn. And the more I have practiced it, the better I have gotten at it. Don't believe me? Just give it try. Start practicing some patience and before you know it, you will become an expert.

I used to sweat the small things. I used to freak out when the house was messy or someone spilled a drink. I freaked out when things got chaotic. Or when the 2 year old had a tantrum in Walmart. Things change. And I am so glad they do. Because now, I don't really care that much what my house looks like. We live here. It can't be a museum and it certainly is not worth making myself insane about. Spills.. they happen too. And getting upset over it isn't going to get it cleaned up. It took me a while to realize that everyone's 2 year old has tantrums in public at some point. It happens. I have learned to take things in stride.

I used to have to make sure every time we left the house everyone looked perfect. I liked their hair combed. Their outfits to be matching and their faces and hands to be clean. I admit, I like the clean part, but in terms of everything else... I am just happy if we make it out of the house and everyone has underwear on under their clothes. Seriously, why did I waste *so* much time caring about any of it? These days, Lulu is often seen out in public wearing a tutu, her favorite baseball cap and sporting her infamous cowboy boots. She will only be two once. Does it really matter how she looks when we are out?

I think the greatest thing I have learned on this journey of Motherhood, is how very precious every moment truly is. Once upon a time I didn't understand this. I wished for the baby to sleep through the night. I wished for the toddler years to pass more quickly. I hurried through life. I couldn't wait for the next stage. The thing is, they go fast enough on their own without me trying to make them pass faster. If I could I would go back and just enjoy my children more. I would relish each moment longer. I would drink in the sweetness of each newborn baby. I would marvel at the adorableness of my toddlers. I would laugh more and stress less. I wouldn't wish a single moment away.

I am loved every second of my last few children's babyhood. I don't care how tired I am. It doesn't matter if they are fussy. Or if the house doesn't get cleaned because I am holding them all day. All too quick they aren't a baby anymore and all of this time with them will be a distant memory. With each baby I have, I enjoy them that much more. And each one that comes, comes also the realization of how very fast time goes by and how precious each moment is. They are gift. Motherhood is a gift.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What It Means To Be An Uncle... By Billy Hopkins (my brother!)

Yesterday, this was the speech my brother gave in front of 500 plus people.  At my Uncles funeral mass...

I just thought he did such an amazing job, I had to share!

What it means to be an Uncle?

I want to say thank you to my Aunt Mary Patrice, and my cousins Mara and Kit for giving me the chance to come up here and share with you what my uncle meant to me growing up and what he means to me today.

Two years ago I became an uncle myself to twin boys, Matthew and Lleyton, whom many of you have had the chance of babysitting over the past month (you are the brave ones in the crowd).  I will never forget the phone call I got from my sister telling me that she was pregnant with twin boys. I remember thinking back and saying to myself, “Gosh Billy, what in the heck do you know about being an uncle; you can’t even feed a goldfish let alone be a good example to two little boys.” So over the next few days/weeks I sat there and pondered my future. I kept repeating to myself the same thought, “If you can be half of what your Uncle Peter is to you, you will have exceeded all expectations for these two boys.”

For those of you who don’t know me, my uncle and I had a very special and unique relationship. He was a friend, a mentor and in some ways like that cool older brother everyone always wanted. As I looked back on the experiences with my uncle it was immediately clear to me the lessons he gifted me that I would hopefully be able to pass on to my nephews:

1. What it’s like to drive at 100 mph and get pulled over and tell the Oklahoma State Trooper, “I am sorry I was speeding but my nephew is sick—he’s eaten the entire box of licorice and I am racing to get him back to his parents in St. Louis.” This lesson was speeding, when accompanied by a little white lie is okay – as long as you’re wearing your seat belt.  As Uncle Peter always said.
2. The importance of learning how to fish. Once, on a family trip to Texas, my coke-bottle-thick glasses were so fogged from the humidity that my 5 year old self slipped between the docks at a marina.  Thanks to Uncle Peter’s fishing skills and quick thinking, he pulled from the murky-moss infested waters before too much damage was done (my sister still debates the level of damage here).
3. How to keep your cool and not worry about being humiliated when your young nephew runs out of the bathroom with his swim trunks suspiciously in a knot around his waist, leaving what we like to refer to as “a Snickers portrait” on the bathroom walls. Don’t worry Uncle Peter I wont go in to details. Thanks for cleaning up my messes and teaching me how to clean up my own.
4. The joys of driving and maneuvering a car.  Uncle Peter showed me that you should be proud of yourself for showing your young nephew how to drive a manual transmission so when you find him cruising around the neighborhood in your Jeep at age 8 that you smile to yourself that he did it (and arrived home safely) but you also make sure he realizes he can NEVER do that again – until he’s sixteen.
5. To never get bored of hearing the squeaky high pitch voice of your growing nephew constantly yelling out to you “Hey Uncle Peter! Uncle Peter! Uncle Peter!”

It’s not just all of our fun adventures that I will cherish forever. He also reminded me to always try my best; to be the best person I can be, even when it’s easier not to be; to have a sense of humor when something goes wrong; to simply give your nephew a call when you haven’t heard from him, to catch up on how he’s doing and to always offer your assistance and no matter what, to keep trying -- you’ll make mistakes but that’s okay because eventually you’ll get it right.

So Uncle Peter I am trying. I’ve made some mistakes but because of your constant reminders I know I will get it right.

Treecie, years ago you might remember this and you might not but when you and uncle peter were trying to adopt and were so worried I told you, “treecie if it doesn't work out you always have me and the girls!” Well, it worked out and we were blessed with our beautiful Mara and Kit. Today, we have to count our blessings for what Uncle Peter left us with and be the mom, aunt, uncle, cousin, and friend that my Uncle Peter wanted us to be to his incredible family.

As I start working on who my Uncle Peter expects me to be to my Aunt Mary Patrice, Mara and Kit, I’ve come up with the following:
1)   Mara & Kit  -- don't you worry about who will walk you down the aisle at flour delee. I don’t know what a flour delee is but if it includes dancing and looking good in a tux, I’m your guy.
2)   College tours. I am definitely available to help out with these. Before we get into the school stuff, I think I need to help you tour the sorority houses to make sure, you know, that they’re up to code. 
3)   And, Mara and Kit, I have one expectation of you and that’s for you to come with me when I teach Matthew and Lleyton how to fish, drive fast cars, and clean up bathrooms.

I want finish off by telling my Uncle Peter, “You’re always in my heart and you’re always on my mind and there’s no one that comes close to you or could ever take your place. I mean this from the bottom of my heart today, tomorrow and always.” As long as I can become half the man you were I know I’ll make my nephews proud.

How time is flying...

I can't believe that my last post was on the 20th of April...

So much has happened since then.  I have been trying to post and keep everyone up to snuff on what is happening.  I actually have a couple of posts that never got published, because I never got them completed.  

Oh, well!

At 11pm on Wednesday, May 4th, my Uncle Peter passed with his close family and friends by his side.  His body failed him in so many ways.  My heart aches for my aunt and cousins.  The heart ache I felt that evening I can only imagine what my aunts must have felt like then and even today.  

Yesterday, was the funeral services and as I sat in the church and even at the internment I looked at the beautiful casket my Aunt picked out and just couldn't believe he was there.  It's hard to believe that he won't be walking through the garage door saying, "Hi, Sis!"  There are so many memories that I will cherish with him.  

I am now trying to help my Aunt pick up the pieces and face the day to day challenges with the girls.  My Uncle was such a huge part of their lives.  I know over time things will get better and their broken hearts will eventually heal.  Uncle Pete will never be forgotten and will forever and always live in our hearts.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Well, we just got home from visiting Uncle Pete...

According to the doctors in the ICU Uncle Peter has ARDS. 
ARDS leads to a buildup of fluid in the air sacs. This fluid prevents enough oxygen from passing into the bloodstream.
The fluid buildup also makes the lungs heavy and stiff, and decreases the lungs' ability to expand. The level of oxygen in the blood can stay dangerously low, even if the person receives oxygen from a breathing machine (mechanical ventilator) through a breathing tube (endotracheal tube).
ARDS often occurs along with the failure of other organ systems, such as the liver or the kidneys. 

If you are interesting in finding out more you can look it up on line...

The last Xray that was taken this afternoon on his lungs, did look better, but wasn't very good.  There is lots of cloudy fluid all over his lungs.  
He was taken off of the ventilator for a two hour test run today and did OK...
He began to tire out at the end.  Just like when you stop running.  He was making much more progress in waking up.  Last night we only got a flutter of the eye lids, and today he was actually following us slowly.  Especially, Aunt Mary Patrice!  He isn't following commands, which is a little concerning.  They are planning on seeing if this changes tomorrow...  If nothing has changed they are going to follow with a CT of the brain.  

Please, please say your prayers that there is nothing wrong with the brain...

We have been reassured over and over again, that since the kidneys and the liver aren't working properly it takes the body a lot longer to break up or pass the sedation medication.  We have to remember that he was on these meds for 10 days...  A long time!

Well, I'm pooped!
I have held Uncle Pete's hand and have told him that we are all rooting for him.  I kiss him on the forehead before I leave and tell him it is from all of us...!  

Keep saying your prayers...


18 Hours After....

We arrived late afternoon to the hospital yesterday and what an awesome ICU Uncle Pete is in.  He was completely taken off of all sedatives and heart medications.  And is now only on antibiotics and dialysis.  

They are extremely concerned about his lungs.  His Xrays yesterday came back not so good.  He has all of this cloudy matter all over his lungs.  They believe it is something called ARDS.  It can be curable, but will take awhile.  This is definitely something they will be keeping an eye on and hoping that today the Xrays come back better than yesterday.  

As we were hanging out a huge storm ended up blowing through STL.  It was awesome that we were forced to stay a little bit longer, because he began to wake up from being sedated.  He was blinking his eyes and even turned his head.  We are hoping that when we return this afternoon he has made more progress.

My Aunt is doing well and handling everything with such grace.  She is extremely overwhelmed and at times says she feels like she is drowning.  It is so hard to see my Uncle Pete this way and I can only imagine what she is feeling.  I was actually thinking about leaving on Sunday, but I don't think that is going to be an option....  It's looking like I may be here until June as support... 

Well, I will report later this evening on any new happenings.  
Please keep both my Aunt and Uncle in your prayers.

On another note, the boys are doing great and are having the time of their lives.  Mar Mar (Mara) and Kitty (Kit) have been such awesome babysitters...  It is so hard for me to believe that I use to watch and take care of them and now they are taking care of my babies... CRAZY!  The boys send them off to school in the morning, by opening the door and saying, "Bye Guls!"  And they are greeted home each afternoon with huge hugs and dancing!!!  "Mar Mar and Kitty home!!!"

I will keep you posted...


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

He Made it!!

Uncle Pete made it through his heart valve replacement surgery yesterday!!


All his vitals are really good...  The surgeon found one alarming thing....
There was some bacteria growing on the heart and she is hoping this bacteria is old and not active.  If active this could possibly get to the new valve and destroy it.  So, they are being extremely careful and cautious.

All good news!

I will keep posting new information when I receive it!


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Staying Strong....

Uncle Peter is staying strong and resting!

Yesterday was a good day.

Not too much to report, which is a good thing!

He is stable and getting stronger...

Mara and all her classmates finished 1000 paper cranes.... With 1000 more to count!

Oh how I pray her wishes come true....

Friday, April 15, 2011

He Made It!

Yesterday was a long day....

Poor Aunt Mary Patrice left the house at 645am yesterday in plans that the hospital would do their planned diagnostic tests at 730am...

It didn't happen until 130pm...

Even though it was a long wait and a long day...

He made it through the tests!!!

Go Uncle Pete... You are one strong cookie!!!!

He is still scheduled for his heart/valve replacement surgery on Monday...
Aunt Mary Patrice is planning on getting her rest this weekend  (if I have to lay on top of her and pin her down...)  because Monday is going to be one hell of a long day...

Please keep saying your prayers,
we are taking one day at a time!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Broken Heart

Here is the update...

We hurried down to the hospital this morning because, they let us know that they were going to lift off some of the sedation and he might come too...

His eyes fluttered a little but nothing ever happened. ;(

Anyways we were met by some heart doctors who have been looking over Uncle Peter's situation.  His Aorta valve is no longer working and will definitely need a new valve to keep kicking!!!
As of tonight they have started one of the diagnostic procedures and tomorrow morning at 730am will start the other.  He is penciled in for a heart surgery/new valve on Monday...

I have held so strong, but for some reason today... All the information and probably lake of sleep sent me off the deep end... We all shed some tears today...

Well, keep him in your prayers... 

We are getting ready to make our paper cranes!


Hang in there....

Here is the latest, and I would not say it is the greatest...

We met with one of the doctors yesterday, who fully explained Uncle Peter's situation.

The fluid from his stomach contained an infection/virus.  A virus can send off spurs/bugs into the blood stream and if you have any problems within the rest of your body, these spurs will attach themselves to it...

After being in the hospital for a while now, they found that he had a leaky aorta valve in his heart.  The spur/bugs were attracted to this area, stuck to it and grew.  The virus has now completely destroyed this valve and is not pumping blood through the system like it normally should.  With that being said, it is sending blood to his lungs... (this is where all the fluid on his lungs is coming from and why he is on a ventilator)  

With that being said, Uncle Peter cannot be off of the ventilator without having his valve replace.   If he does have the open heart surgery and the valve is replace he will eventually be weened off of the ventilator and be able to communicate...

What is so worry some is how in 7-8 days in he going to be able to withstand an open heart surgery???


And then eventually have a liver transplant....
Anyways, he is still on dialysis, because his kidneys are failing.  He has responded wonderfully to this and his O2 levels are the best they have ever been.  But what we believe is, that he is being held up by the dialysis and this is what is making his O2 levels so good.  We are wondering what will happen when he is taken of the dialysis and if his O2 levels will rise again.  

He was miss diagnosed two days ago with Vasculitis...  
He has a bum aorta valve in his heart that is infected and has been destroyed by this virus, which is Strep, that he tested positive when he came into the hospital on April 1st.  His liver is helping in the destruction as well...

At 1am we called the hospital to check on him and the nurse is so many words explained it isn't a good situation, he is extremely ill...

Say your prayers!

Everyday when we go down to the hospital my stomach turns because the uncertainty of what we are going to be faced with that day...

My aunt and I cried last night or this morning... 1-2am and just cannot believe this is happening to my Uncle Pete... And how the girls are in the prime of their lives... Getting their drivers license, graduation, college...

Nance and Ellen---I have given Uncle Pete many kisses from you guys and told him you love him to the moon and back... If you would like when we get to the hospital, I will call you and you can speak to him... (text me and let me know!) Billy did yesterday... He can hear us, he is just heavily sedated...

Thank you to all my friends back home for the support with my dogs...  And the concern...
I owe you all big time!

My sweet cousin has come up with an idea that she read, if you make/fold 1,000 paper cranes you will get a wish that will come true...

We are going to be folding our hearts out... I so want her wish to come true!!!

Love you all!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Oh... What next....?

Man O Man...  My poor Uncle Pete has been through hell and back and believe it or not it isn't over....

We went to the hospital today knowing he has a bum liver, vasculitis (sp?) (an immune disorder affecting in his lungs), infection on his stomach (which is under control), fluid on stomach, only breathing 20% on his on and 80% from the machine, highly sedated, Kidneys are failing and starting dialysis....  With all that being said we get down there and Aunt Mary Patrice is met by multiple heart doctors who proceed to tell her that a month ago when my uncle wenr to another local hospital for being sick, he tested positive for Strep.  This was handled with an antibiotic, normal procedure.  Then on April 1st when he arrived to this hospital he tested positive again for Strep... No one said anything...! The antibiotics that he has been given have been controlling the Strep... and I believe it is under control at this point...


They have found fungi growing on his aorta valve and the bottom part of his heart, that is a cause of Strep.  The aorta valve is not beating properly and is pushing the blood up and then back down and not through the body like it normally should.  And is causing his lungs to fill up with fluid and blood... (which is then making breathing hard...) Not to mention he has a leak in that valve...  So at this point they don't know if he has an immune disorder (vasculitis--which causes bleeding on the lungs, but he hasn't taken to the steriods that have been administered the last three days which leads them to believe this is a heart disease) or a heart disease (sorry, I can't think of the name for it right not!).  My Aunt was met by by a heart specialist/surgeon who wants to do open heart surgery in about 2-3 days do give him a new valve...  UGH!!! OMG!!! 

Basically, they were suppose to have run a diagnostic test last night to see how the blood is flowing through his heart...   We have called the hospital, but he nurse is writing up her reports and will call when she has them completed.  He looked so calm and rested yesterday... I kissed him and told him we all loved him and to hang in there...! 
What a strong guy he is....

I hope this isn't too confusing and you can kind of understand what I'm talking about... The whole thing is really confusing...  And we just keep going over things constantly....

Again, keep him in your prayers...  
He is an integral part of this family and would be just lost with out him....


Friday, April 8, 2011

Please Say a Little Prayer!!!

“Heavenly Father, You are intimately aware of the struggle he is experiencing -- the pain and the despair. You know the desire of his heart to be healed of this illness. I ask now for Your healing touch. I know that You are able and that just like in Bible times, You can heal my Uncle Peter.

“I also understand that You will chose what is best for him. I pray that through this trial, he will draw close to You -- that You will be his comfort and strength. I pray that ultimately, whatever happens, You will be glorified through him. I pray this in Jesus’ name, amen.”

As some of you already know my Uncle Peter, Pete, Great Uncle Punkin is very ill!

I have been here in St. Louis for the last couple of days and never dreamed this would every happen to such a wonderful man.  I have hugged and kissed him and told him we are all here for him.  As of today they have lowered his meds that make him completely out of it.  It was so great to see the dry sarcasm even hooked up to a ventilator and cannot even speak.  

My Aunt let him know that yesterday Billy was there all day and sat with him...
He started to get all choked up and tears began to fall from his face.  It is a sight I don't think I will ever forget. 
(My Uncle and Billy have always had an indescribable relationship since Billy was my boys ages)

After many doctor visits he will have to face some battles and boy do I mean battles...before a transplant can even take place.  

I have held strong for 48 hours and at one point today after a team of doctors left, I couldn't hold the pain and tears in any longer.  I ran over to Uncle Pete, he opened his eyes, I laid my head on his shoulder, told him I loved him and he just had to pull through this and be strong.  He turned his head and put it on my head and I lied there and cried.  

It is so, so, hard to see him this way... I have no explanation for it...

Thanks so much to Kit, her 6 friends and Mara.  They have been taking so good care of my boys while I have been helping to take care of Aunt Mary Patrice and keep up with the day to day chores of the house.
Not to mention my friends Axel, Patty, Chloe, Maddison, and Chingy for taking such good care of my furry loves! And thank you all my great friends for worrying about me and the concern for my uncle...  I love you all!

I was planning on heading home with dad on Sunday, but Aunt Mary Patrice asked me this morning if I would stay for much longer.... 
Not a prob! I wouldn't leave for the world!

The girls talked with Uncle Pete this evening, even though he couldn't talk, he would raise his eyebrows in response...

We love him so and are learning to patiently to wait sec by sec, minute by minute, day by day for his recovery...

He is looking much better from yesterday...  
And hoping for the same results tomorrow!

Please pray... my Uncle Peter can't have enough!!!  
We all love him to the moon and back!!!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Colorful Morning!

The sun is shinning, the birds are chirping, my carpets are cleaned (as of yesterday!), and cinnamon buns in the oven!

We have lots to do to day, and typically I've already started cleaning, doing laundry and making beds...
What the hell....

I'd rather drink my coffee & blog right now instead!

If the boys and dogs don't care... I'm giving it up for this morning! 

I'm gonna change the boys clothes and let them go and play in our muddy backyard!!!

There are many hours left in the day to clean...  RIGHT!

This is what I am telling myself as I see the boys run by and Bernice's tumble weed follows behind...
(see I would have already vacuumed for the morning...)


You will have to look closely...
This is a like daddy like son moment!
Mark sticks his tongue out when in a serious concentrating moment and so does my little monkey Matthew!
The same way to be exact...!

This is my little artist...
Just like his mommy!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!
Filled with lots of love and colors...


Tornado's Oh MY!

"Fill your paper with
the breathing of your heart"
~ William Wordsworth

Well, Monday we had our first scare of thunderstorms and tornado's....


We were all good except the rotted fence of my neighbors came crashing down!!!

The sirens went of and I quickly rushed the boys to the bathroom...

Bernice came charging in and instantly jumped in the tub, before all of us...

So glad she was safe!

I just had to take a photo!

We made it through the storm with little damage and electricity!

Now waiting on the grass to dry up so we can play out back...


Monday, April 4, 2011

Stop the Bus...!!!!

Sade it coming to Memphis...

And guess who is going....

Yours Truly!

Mark, tried to surprise me with tickets the other evening, but had to call because he was having issues with the Internet... Not surprised!
I was given strict orders... nothing over $400 and no back stage passes... DARN!

I'm soooooo EXCITED!!!

Just had to share!


Spring is FINALLY here!!

Winter is officially over and we have busted out the shorts, t-shirts & shades!

It couldn't get here soon enough...

My monkeys are boys through and through!

They would stay outside all day and roll in the mud or swing from the trees, like little monkeys do!

I will say, I am ready to give up the man chores...
mowing the lawn,
power washing...

It has been rewarding at times, but I will not shed a tear to turn my duties back over!

My neighbor keeps popping by when ever he sees me outside, to see what we are up to next... I know he is thinking... If only my wife would do some of these things!
Poor Jill... Or should it be Way To Go Jill!

MR. David, does it all! LOL!

Well, he will be quite surprised this morning to see his fence has fallen (due to heavy winds!)...
He has been planning on fixing it, but was hoping he had a little more time...
He can take all the time he needs, but he will have a huge St. Bernard in his backyard!


Well, not much else to report here...

Keep my Uncle Peter in your prayers... We love him to the moon and back!

Dear Jesus, Divine Physician and Healer of the sick, we turn to you in this time of illness. O dearest comforter of the troubled, alleviate our worry and sorrow with your gentle love, and grant us the grace and strength to accept this burden. Dear God, we place our worries in your hands. We place our sick under your care and humbly ask that you restore your servant to health again. Above all, grant us the grace to acknowledge your will and know that whatever you do, you do for the love of us. Amen.


Friday, March 11, 2011

A light Always Shining Bright!

Here's  A Little Story....

After gramps passed away he gave his van to mom...

Who then gave it to Mark and I to travel and make trips with the boys...

We nicknamed the van, "The Scooby Mobile" and took many trips in it...

Unfortunately, after Mark left the van didn't get much use and every time I walked outside or got in my car, I knew gramps was sooo mad at me... I could just hear him cussing...

If you knew him, you know what I mean!

With that being said...

I got his message and took it to be sold, so someone else could get better use out of it and enjoy it as much as gramps did.  I cleaned out gramps car, taking his pink comb, his handy cap decal/sign, prayer card, cassette taps and even ripped off the sticker on the steering wheel that reads..."Buckle Your Seat Belt!".  As I cleaned I cried praying I was making the right decision, and knowing that the mothball smell of gramps would be gone forever.  You will never believe what I came across...  An empty Budweiser can...!  OMG!  One of gramps!!!  I sat on the floor of the van and cried hugging the can... (wait till you see what I did!)
After two weeks of the Scooby Mobile waiting for a forever home, at the dealership, a man contacted them.  He currently had the same van with 150,000 miles on it, loved it, and was on the hunt for another.  The man could not believe that there was only 37,000 miles on this van!  So the man drove down and picked it up!

You will never believe where the man was from....


The Scooby Mobile went back home after all this time!

Ounce I heard this I knew I had made the right decision and that gramps was happy!

I know you are wondering what I did with the beer can...

After hiding it so no one would throw it away, I took it to my lamp lady!

And here is what she made...

Gramps shines bright in my house everyday!

I love you and miss you!

mom to twin monkeys

Chandelier Transformation...

Unfortunately, I don't have a before picture of the chandelier...

Here is an idea of what it looked like...


Cob Webs

Rusty Wires

You get the picture....

Here is how you take junk and make into something FAB!!!

I will be working on the shades here soon...

oh just wait!

At first I wasn't going to put shades on it, but when lit you can probably see my house from space!

And if I had anyone for dinner we would all have to sit with or shades on to eat!


I will post when all complete...

mom to twin monkeys

Cork Wreath!

Have you been collecting your corks...???

I just made this a week ago for Kathy and she almost didn't get her corks back...!

I just love!

Now I'm saving mine, but I am no where near this many...

This took 5 years of collecting!

Not to worry, we didn't enjoy this much wine in an evening, week, or month!


I just wanted to share because I thought it was just so much fun!

Can't wait to see where Kath hangs it in her house...

Will post later...


mommy to twin monkeys

77 Days and Counting!!!

The boys and I are counting down...

As of today...

77days left to go!!


There is double the kisses, because double the monkeys!

Every evening after dinner the boys have a kiss counting down when they get to see their daddy...

We are getting excited!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Hooping it up in our hoopty!!!


We ventured out the other evening and decided to take a ride in our Cadillac! 
Thanks to Uncle Bully for his large wallet!

As many of you know when Billy bought this nice ride for the boys I was excited for them but at the same time I was praying they would be able to steer this ride!!

Unfortunately, we have not figured it our yet! 
Total bummer!
I have to run next to the car and steer for them when ever it gets dangerous!

(there are videos of this in earlier posts!)

So, for whatever reason...
The light bulb went off!!!

I just take them around for a drive!!!


As you will see from the video it works wonderfully!

One waits at the top of the driveway as the other takes a ride...

I enjoyed myself as well... hee hee!

I'm sure my neighbors, if they were looking out their windows, had to have thought....

She has officially lost it!!!

THE CADY is charging...

Awaiting our next circus act!!!

1st Trunk SHow

Of course my camera would act up for my very first trunk show....

Just my luck!

Thanks to my flip camera I took a little video to show off my display!

I just loved it!

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Few More Birthday Pictures!

Thank you Auntie Whitney for sending us a few more birthday pictures!

We love, love, love them!!!