Saturday, November 5, 2011

I'm BACK!!!

Well, it definitely has been awhile since my last post... 

Lots and Lots and Lots have happened since my last June post... I'm going to try and put everything in one post... keep your fingers crossed!

As everyone knows, Mark returned from AFG, and we couldn't have been more excited and blessed he is back living the crazy with us.  We left for a week after his return and headed to Destin, FL.  We had a blast and I think we could have stayed for two more weeks!  The boys absolutely love the beach and swimming! 

I made a couple trips back to STL but for the most part we spent the rest of the summer starting and finishing projects around the house. 

Oh ya... Did I mention I'm EXPECTING!!!

Crazy how things happen...  So, that is why from July and August I wasn't feeling too hot and really couldn't go anywhere... yuck!  Our due date is April 3rd...!  So, the boys will be 3years and 2months apart... OH BOY!    Of course we found out the sex... I just couldn't wait...  it's another BOY!!!  If my house isn't crazy now I can only imagine how nuts it will be ... All you can do is laugh!!!  Now, I finally have my energy back and haven't been getting sick which has been so helpful.  I am getting things done around here!!  Thank goodness...!!

We just got back from an awesome visit with our best friends in Norfolk, VA.... We had an amazing time and I just can't believe how big their girls are getting...oh my goodness!  I have the most beautiful God Daughter...  Thank goodness I have a God Daughter, she's the only one I will get to spoil with lots and lots of girlie pink!!!  hee hee!  Thanks Mike and Christine for such an amazing week, I miss you guys terribly!

We returned back home to Trick-or-Treat like rock stars and celebrated my 30th Birthday.  Holy Cow, I can't believe I'm 30...  I had an amazing birthday, it is so much fun to share in all the Halloween fun with the boys.  I just couldn't of asked for a better day!

Now all the Halloween decorations are down and we are looking forward to Thanksgiving...  But I'm just dying to decorate for Christmas!  Not to mention we are patiently waiting for our elf on the shelf to come...  Oh wait until the boys set there eyes and mind around this!!  hee hee!  Fun fun!

Well, I didn't go into too much detail, but I think you kind of get what has been going on here the last couple of months... I will keep the posts coming!
I hope you enjoyed the pictures!

(I have tried for two days now to download some more pictures... no luck...!  I don't know what is taking so long... UGH!)


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