Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Pictures!!

We hope everyone had a Merry  Merry Christmas...!  Things were a little crazy with the boys wanting to open every gift, but we made it through!  They both have enjoyed all of their toys/gifts... Lleyton is afraid of a couple but hopefully over time he would will get use to them...!

Here are a couple of pictures of that day!  ENJOY!

Very proud of his cowboy boots!!  yeehaw!

Our pirate tent from aunt great!

Caught...!  loving each other!  Heehee!

Our horse that flew in from DC! Giddy up!


Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Well, Santa has been watching....

 Of course Billy and I believed in Santa and mom would continually call him when we would misbehave.  I remember I couldn't believe she was able to do such a thing.  Then on Christmas Eve dad and her would wait until Billy and I were upstairs and would have Santa come it to deliver the gifts.  It was so disappointing every year... I never got a glimpse of him...!  Believe me we tried!  He would come in shouting HO, HO, HO, MEEEERRY CHHHRRISTMAS!  And by the time we made it down the stairs he was gone... poof!  Magic!

So, for many years this went on... When to our surprise the REAL Santa was yours truly GRAMPS!  Today is a day I miss him more than ever...  Every year at Christmas Eve we would get together with gramps and open gifts!

Since the boys won't get to experience the phone calls to Santa/gramps or the sneaking in of gifts.  I have had to take measures into my own hands... Thank God for the Internet!  I think gramps was telling me something when I came upon this...!  (thanks gramps!)

Here is Santa's message to both Matthew and Lleyton.  Unfortunately, I don't think Santa knows how to pronounce Lleyton's name, but he does have a picture of him.  So, we know he is watching! 


Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'm in business!!!

It's official!!!  And I'm soooooooo excited!!! 
I'm not only a wife, mom to two monkeys, 3 dogs and one fish ( the other died ;(), but NOW an independent stylist for Stella & Dot!!!  Woohoo! 
I know you all are thinking... "she is crazy!", "way to tackle it on!" 
Well, I have lost myself in military life, normal day to day chores, caring for twin monkeys, caring for dogs, and of course taking care of MARK ( or worrying about Mark, now!)!  So, I have decided I need something for me... Something to be excited about and it not being meetups with children... Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love being home with the guys and taking care of them, but I need something to call my own and this is a way I can continue staying home and having fashion fun!

Take the time and check out the website... It is just awesome jewelry...!  I would not stand behind something I didn't like, or believe in.  The quality is great and it is made by the artist who make jewelry for Burgdorf Goodman, Barneys and Neiman Marcus.  The only difference is the price!  Much more affordable!!!  There is absolutely no difference in the quality...  So, lets plan a trunk show!  Hostess rewards are awesome (lots of free jewelry!), or just send me a shot out if you are interested in ordering anything.  They have many things that are really great for gifts!

Enough about that!!

The boys and I are doing well...  Lleyton (Angel) at the beginning of the week had some issues with his asthma but we have gotten it under control, as of now!  Thank God we didn't have to go to the doctors... I did place a call to the nurse though...  She truly has become my friend!  LOL!  I told her I had to give her a call before Christmas!  Every two weeks we talk... NO JOKE! 

Matthew (Monkey) is doing great!  I have been praying he doesn't have an issue with the asthma, because he is much more sensitive than Lleyton! 

We got to speak with Mark via Skype the other morning and the boys were just ecstatic!  I was too!  It was so great to see him than just hear his voice...  I know he has to be noticing that when he talks with them how they are adding more and more words to their sentences and getting more and more comfortable with talking on the phone...  Now they hold the phone and have conversations with him.  I am working on Mark to keep asking them questions and they will continue to talk!  Mark hasn't gotten that yet, he thinks they will just tell one story after another... not going to happen!!  LOL!

Mark received ort Christmas package the other day and opened it while on Skype!  He loved his comfy lounging outfit, pictures and paintings from the boys!    I told him he must decorate his room with all of their art! 

Well must get going boys are making a mess and I have loads of laundry, cleaning, and many more other things to take care of before every one's arrival tomorrow! 

Matthew, Lleyton and I wish everyone a Merry Christmas!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010


Sorry I have not updated in a bit, but I have been so busy with Christmas things (Christmas shopping, wrapping, 16 dozen cookies, delivery of cookies, and did I mention taking care of these two monkeys)!  So, yesterday was the boys last day of school in 2010...  ( we will be in FTL 3-17) They were so excited to get to school knowing they were going to have cookies, games, art, etc.!  Here are a couple photos that I took of them before we left...
Lleyton was in a wonderful mood and didn't want me to take any photos of him, so the ones you will see are ones that I had to sneak...;)

Again, I apologize for this awful camera... It is going to be the death of me... It is ruining all these special moments, by its horrible focus... UGH!!!

Ugh... you just want to smooch that sweet face!

Oh my sweet angel!

The boys were so excited to see me when I picked them up yesterday... They had made gifts for Mark and I and were so proud!  (gingerbread man ornament!)  I will post pictures later, the dumb camera is charging! 

I don't know what I am going to do next year when they don't have Mrs. Janet and Mrs. Michelle as a teacher... they are the best!!!  Not to mention the amazing art projects they make with the kids!  I absolutely love them... I am such an art freak!  I was so excited to open their folders yesterday, because they were loaded with their Christmas art that they made!  Again, I will post pictures later>>>
I read a blog the other day about what to do with all of their art work... One of the blogs that I follow said to choose one from the grouping and throw everything else away...  You can't keep everything....  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!  I LOVE IT ALL!  I have already started a big box of all of their art... I think I will frame some of the best!  Ugh...I think some of mom has rubbed off!  A couple of months ago she brought all of my art to me... I was like, are you kidding me!  Now I understand why she saved almost every piece... Not because I was such a great artist, but because she just couldn't part with anything!  I totally get it! 

Last night was my Christmas party for Mom n' Munchkins.  Some of you may not know that when we moved here I joined the infamous mom's group!  Thank God I did, I have some amazing friends here in TN and I don't know what I would do with out them.  So, Bob and Kathy came over to watch the boys!  Oh boy, were the boys excited!!!  Poor Kathy, brings them treats and is so sweet to them and who are they totally in love with... BOB!!!  LOL!  I have to be so careful about mentioning Bob, because they think we are going to go and see him or he is coming over!!!  Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that Bob would be giving my boys baths, lotion messages, applying butt paste and sitting with a monkey on each arm watching cartoons!  LOL!  I know everyone is probably thinking, that they just are in need of same manly attention, but they have no interest in any of my friends husbands...  Bob walks through the door last night and his fan club follows him right into the kitchen and gives him hugs... Doesn't even bother to see if Kathy came!  Oh Kath, I know they love you too (just when Bob's not around!)  So, as you can imagine the boys were all wound up!!  I felt so bad leaving them in that condition!  But I did enjoy myself!  Thanks Bob and Kath for letting me have a fun evening out!

Tonight, we have another party to go to... This one is with some of our close friends!  I will post pictures of this shindig tomorrow!

Well, must get going and tend to these monkey's!


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snow in Collierville!!!

Could it be... I couldn't believe my eyes!  It is snowing right now... not big flakes, but snow!  Yipee, I love snow!  Bernice it loving life!!!

I don't think it is enough to stick but makes the cold all worth it!

Their first sighting of snow! 

More Pictures w/ Santa!

 Their first sight of Santa!
 Sitting with Santa's Reindeer
Enjoying their suckers from Santa!

Lovin the reindeer hats from Santa

Absolutely loved the train/choo choo!  If only it wasn't a rip off to ride!

Big Boy!

Matthew has taken small baby steps to becoming a big boy...  He peepee'd and poopoo'd in the potty yesterday!!!  Yippee...!  It was one less diaper to change!!!  Lleyton, Bernice, Miami, Hurricane and I were all so proud of him.  It was a family affair!

It was too cute... When he was flushing his accomplishment down the toilet, he waved and said, "Bye bye pee pee and poopie!"  Then we all did the potty dance!!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Ho Ho Ho...

Well, we met Santa today!  For the very first time.  I won't say it was a very good meeting but what can you say for it being the fist time.  At first Matthew wouldn't even get out of his stroller.  Lleyton was a little hesitant until I went and sat with Santa.  Santa asked both of the boys for a "high five" and they ran right over!

As you can see from the photo, Lletyon really didn't know what to think and Matthew was so nervous that he froze like someone playing dead!  He would only move his eyes.  It was quite hysterical!  ( I think he was thinking maybe if he didn't move Santa wouldn't notice him!)  LOL!

After meeting Santa Kathy and I walked the boys over to Red Robin to have lunch...  Mathew ate like it was his last meal and Lleyton was so excited and fascinated with his balloon that he couldn't eat.  Little does he know his chicken on a stick will be his dinner for this evening!  So, thanks Kathy for a wonderful lunch!  I truly don't think I would have been able to take them on my own...

The boys were really tired after lunch but we had one more stop!  At the outside mall, during the holidays there is a small train that you get to ride on...  The boys were screaming Choo Choo when they laid eyes on it and just couldn't wait to hop in!  All I have to say is Matthew didn't want to get out and thought that this train was his very own.  A little boy was getting ready to get on and Matthew ran over and shut the door on him and locking him out...  I guess he didn't want to share the Choo Choo with anyone else! 

Nap time was wonderful... A 3 hour nap!  So, even though meeting Santa wasn't all that great and they were terrified as if they were meeting a scary monster on Halloween, I think they really enjoyed themselves!  I just wonder what they asked Santa for???  Hmmmm....

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wanted to share...

As some of you know, since I have started this blog I have become addicted to reading other peoples blogs on decorating.  It is just amazing to me how creative some people are...  I have many ideas floating around in my head now!!!  Hee hee!  (I only do this in the evenings... no time during the day!)

Here is something I wanted to share...  I read this the other night, and was so happy remembering these moments in time...  It makes me so sad to think how quickly time is passing by and my babies will be two in a couple months.

So, what is one of your happiest moments...?

I have to say this would be one and the other would be calling Gramps and asking him to guess what we were having...  He guessed right on the dot!!!  First guess too!  That was a great moment, I remember where I was ( in the car at a stop light, getting ready to turn in to have my favorite Wednesday meal... SUSHI!) 

Love you gramps, miss you everyday and even more during Christmas...  Oh what I would give for you to walk through the door, yelling Hoo, Hoo, Hoo, and have to make multiple trips to the car because of all the packages Santa brought to your house, seeing you sit in the corner of the kitchen enjoying an ice cold Bud (with your red fuzzy sweater), the smell and taste of some smokies, shrimp with your super hot cocktail sauce, that burned my nose and would stop you in mid sentence,  and just talking on the phone about nothing important!!!  Christmas will never be the same, but I will always try to have smokies, shrimp, ice cold Bud and so many packages there is no where to walk!  (Miss you today, tomorrow and always)

Trying to enjoy every moment and live it to the fullest! 

Monday, December 6, 2010

My Heart is Breaking....

So, after a couple of weeks or should I say months, of fighting with the boys at nap time.  To just lie down!  I have decided it was going to be best to separate them or put them in their own rooms.  Since 8am this morning I have been cleaning rooms, closets and moving furniture.  It is now 1pm and I am no were finished but... the boys are asleep!  Within 10 minutes of putting them down there is nothing but silence in my house!  I'm hoping this will make them well rested and much less fussy!  Oh, we will see!

I have always dreaded this moment.  Hoping they would be together for a long while.  But after multiple nights of someone waking the other up and playing for two hours at nap time, when they should be sleeping.  It was time!   Ugh...  I put Lleyton down first and let him know that this was his new room, all his own.  He seemed to be pretty excited about the idea. Until, Matthew and I turned around and walked out.  Matthew started crying and screaming Lleyton's name...  I almost fell to my knees crying and caved.  I stayed strong, and took Matthew to his room and explained the same thing to him.  He wasn't very excited about the idea.  After spending a little bit of time with him I left and both were fast asleep... IN THEIR OWN ROOMS!!!

I think I'm having a harder time with this then they are... UGH!  I guess we will have to see what tonight brings. 

Keep us in your thoughts!!


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Kitchen Decorations and Paint Party!

Alright... So, here is the last bit of Christmas decorations that I put up yesterday.  Pretty simple, but I just love! 

I purchased this wreath and made the ribbon flowers and places small silver ornaments in the middle!  Just love it and can change up all year long!

After the boys went down for their nap I ran outside and collected some fallen branches, spray painted them white and dusted some silver ornaments with silver glitter! 

I have a little update to my mantel which I am going to do today.  Maybe tonight I will post pictures and show you the final display, minus Matthew's initial.  This I will have to pick up and glitter on Tuesday when the boys are in school. 

So the boys and I had a paint party this morning!
Now I know what Mrs. Janet is talking about when she says, Lleyton gets so excited!  Holy Cow!  I think I'm going to leave the next paint party up to her at school!

We wanted to send this art to daddy so he can put it up in his room or at work!  They were soooo excited!  I only wish you all could have been here to see their reactions as they were painting.  Not to mention the fit they had when the party was over...;(  Crocodile tears of plenty!

Did I mention the clean up was soooo much fun!!!  Like any party it took some scrubbing to get back to normal and a good hose/shower down to come back to life!  LOL! 
Here are the pictures... ENJOY!!!

I love you this much!!

Painting away!

Cheese for daddy!

Coming in for a kiss! Ummm... I don't think so!

Picasso admiring his beautiful work!

My sweet monkey was starting to look like the Grinch!!  LOL!

So, our art work is drying.... Waiting to be shipped!

Elizabeth (mom of twin Picasso's)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fa la la la... la la la...!

Tis the season for Christmas trees, glitter, ornaments, wrapping paper and bows...  Oh, did I mention....CRAZINESS!!!

Well, I don't know if most of you know, but the boys have been suffering for what we thought was allergies, since last spring.  Unfortunately, it is a combination of allergies and asthma.  Whatever they are allergic to is causing some serious breathing problems.  So, tis the season for colds...  Lleyton got a cold last week which turned in to Croup and a double ear infection.  If one breathing treatment wasn't long enough now we are up to two... ugh!  Matthew of course was a day or two behind.  So after our visit on Wednesday we were back at the doctors (emergency visit) yesterday morning, because Matthews breathing had gone crazy.  His coloring was changing and he had really dark rings under his eyes.  I almost thought I was going to have a panic attack!  After a special breathing treatment at the doctors.  He was back to his little self and a little hyper...  This medication makes them bounce off the walls...  I didn't forget to thank the doctor for the exciting rest of the day I was about to have!   

Matthew is now on the same medication as Lleyton and with in the month we are on our way to an Allergy/Asthma doctor!  Hopefully, he will be able to get to the bottom of this. 
This is making me a nervous wreck...  I thought when they were babies/newborns and going in and checking on them while they were sleeping was crazy.  Now I'm actually following them around and watching their chest and bellies move... or putting my ear up to their chests to make sure I don't hear any wheezing...  UGH! 

So, in the mean time to take my mind off of things, I started decorating the house.  After putting the boys down for a nap and crying over how much I missed Mark, I needed to get outside and get some fresh air.  So, here are some pictures of what was decorated yesterday (tree, mantel, and door!).  I have plans for the kitchen table center piece, but that is for today! 
(will post pictures later if I get a chance to complete!)

It's definitely starting to feel a little bit more like Christmas around here and starting to get in the mood.  Last night was the Collierville  Christmas Parade and we had to miss.  I was so hoping we would be able to go since last year we missed.  But maybe its just the way life works.  Since Mark isn't here to share in the fun and last year the boys were too little to be out in the cold weather, that next year 2011, we will all be able to enjoy together and the boys will understand Christmas and Santa much more! 

It is a gloomy day today and I think we are going to hang in or comfy clothes, finish decorating, laundry and cleaning up...

Elizabeth (mom of twin monkeys)!
PS...  I don't know what the hell is wrong with this camera... Driving me CRAZY!
I have tried everything to fix this fuzzy problem...